Two works selected for the Climate Expo '22 - Zwolle

This is the first national climate exhibition, organized by the ArtWorlds Foundation, in which artists are asked to express their vision on (the) climate change: “The climate crisis is crying out for major changes, which sometimes go beyond our imagination. We need the imagination of artists to portray the unimaginable.”
Two of my works have been selected from the 2200 submissions and can be seen in this exhibition, namely the work Disrupted Balance and Snel Landscape Disco.

Disturbed Balance is an older work of mine, which I picked up again because of the worrying developments. 120,000,000 sharks die every year due to fishing and pollution. The felled forest symbolizes deforestation due to wood burning, among other things, which causes the earth to warm up faster, resulting in sea level rise.
Human sharks have been swimming in the oceans for 100 million years. Evolutionary changes were not necessary for these successful animals. But what will this be like for us humans?

The work Fastl Landscape Disco is about an oil refinery disguised as a tropical resort.
As misleading as this image is the image that the fossil fuel industry creates with regard to greening their production. They pretend to lead the way, but continue to invest in fossil fuels.
Research shows that oil companies only pursue sham solutions (greenwashing) and thus delay the transition.

Information exhibition
Open from September 17 to December 4.
The 250 selected works can be seen at several locations, namely in the Academy House De Grote Kerk and Museum De Fundatie in Zwolle and Castle Het Nijenhuis, the Tuinzaal and the sculpture garden in Heino/Wijhe.

Audience Award
This exhibition also has a Audience Award. If you want to see my works and maybe even vote for them; these can be found in the Grote Kerk.
In the catalog they are listed as numbers 166 and 167.

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Participation in Remastered Art in Dutch Design Week

Remastered Art is a new art style that combines past and present to create a new art movement. By connecting contemporary artists with outdated work, a new work of art is created! Different styles, materials and artists are united. This process produces interesting and contemporary art.
The work that I am assigned concerns a gobelin with a rococo scene. I can respond to this.
What I'm going to do with this is still a surprise.

When and where to see:
The Dutch Design Week will take place from 22 to 30 October in Eindhoven
MONDiLAB, Brick kiln 32, card no. X0
Open: 11:00 - 18:00
Free entry

'Domestic Disturbances' - Mobilia Gallery - Boston Massachusetts VS - 2021

At the invitation of Mobilia Gallery, Pauline is participating with 2 works in the exhibition "Domestic Disturbance". The exhibition takes place in the gallery of the same name in Cambridge (Boston, Massachusetts).
Her work was picked up by the gallery, following an article on about her project Hand@work.
In the honorable invitation, owners Jo Anne Cooper and Libby Cooper state: “If the HAND@WORK pieces are still available, we would love to include them in the exhibition. It would truly be a pleasure to have you display your outstanding textiles, highlighting your brilliant technical skills and vibrant work for this event.”
The participation of the renowned - innovative - artist Lia Cook, gave Pauline the incentive to say "yes".
For "Domestic Disturbance", pieces are brought together that show innovative use of textile techniques.
They cover a wide range of inspiring topics, social, political, and the beauty of nature and everyday life.

Mobilia Gallery
Cambridge, MA 02138