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Between Stations, 2021, acrylic painting and DMC yarn, partly hand embroidery on cotton. Size 1,80 x 2,40 cm

This work, consisting of 5 parts, is about how difficult it is to find out what is 'true' in our present time. New technological developments and the internet provide us with a lot of information. How do we distinguish fact from fiction, and how we can form our opinion about something.

'In this case, 'processing' consists of various stages of work and techniques, such as photography. I fragment the photos on the PC by chopping them up and rearranging them. Then manually abstract another phase. Then I fill the shapes in my way of painting.
A complex process. As I suspect many processes in our society are now. Unnecessarily complicated, I often think. Too much conflict of interest… And perhaps we are now further removed from what it should be about.
This way of working as an artist is far from the traditional painter of the 19th century. He sits with his easel in front of his model/landscape and paints it.'

Between Station will be further expanded in the future. For example, if an exhibition presents itself with the option of filling a wall or otherwise.