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Between Stations, 2021, acrylic painting and DMC yarn, partly hand embroidery on cotton. Size 1,80 x 2,40 cm

This work, consisting of 5 parts, is about how difficult it is to find out what is 'true' in our present time. New technological developments and the internet provide us with a lot of information. How do we distinguish fact from fiction, and how we can form our opinion about something.

'This 'processing' consists of various work stages and techniques. I fragment the photos on the PC, rearranging them and abstracting them by hand. I painted the shapes in my characteristic brush stroke  and my lines.
A complex process as I suspect many processes in our society are. Unnecessarily complex, I often think. Too many interests… A mirror of our society.'

Between Station will be further expanded in the future. For example, if an exhibition presents itself with the option of filling a wall or otherwise.