What is the value of embroidery by hand?
Mid June 2019 Pauline Nijenhuis asked 4 other Dutch textile artists to participate in the new project HAND@WORK in which she investigates the value of embroidery by hand. Tessa van Helden Hinke Schreuders Mique Menheere and Marjolein Burbank embroider the same design made by Pauline. Meanwhile the embroidery machine at the TextileLab in Tilburg will do the same. What will be the difference between the handwriting between the artists? And how will the public valuate the work made by hand in relation to the work embroidered by the machine. It questions if we, in this time of growing digitization and robotization, still appreciate handwork.

In the summer of 2019 the embroidering artists received Pauline's design and the logbooks and started embroidering. They have shared their experiences in their logs, the WhatsApp group and in photos. Writing on their experiences and thoughts during the project made them more conscious on what happened to them during embroidering.

To be seen till january 26th, 2020 at CBK Emmen, De Fabriek, Netherlands.