Password: a curse or a blessing

I come from the pre-internet era and I am very aware of the effects that using the internet has on my freedom, security and identity.
Passwords give me mixed feelings. My first password(s) offered protection and a world of possibilities. From the unlimited gathering of knowledge, arranging formalities to making purchases.
Now I mainly experience how I am determined by (the) coercion, complexity and vulnerability. The boundaries are constantly shifting: longer and more complicated passwords, double authentication, but also applications of biometrics. And hackers always manage to break into these technologies, literally and figuratively.
In this project I want to explore and visualize this ambivalence.
The project has already started request (old) passwords on social media.

Photography: Ivonne Zijp


CALL: Can I have your password?

My new project - Passwords: curse or blessing?

I want to investigate this question in a new project. To stay close to reality, I want to use old, used passwords in a visual work to be made. All comments are welcome. Also what this call does to you.

I am looking for:
- share your old passwords with me;
- make sure that the password is no longer in use and that it cannot be traced back to you;
- mail me your passwords - my account: projectpassword[EMAIL BESCHERMD />]@[EMAIL BESCHERMD />]

I guarantee complete anonymity.
And again, all comments are welcome. Also what this call does to you.