CRISIS ART - NIFFO GALLERY from May 19 to June 14, 2022

Despair, depression, desires, loneliness are part of our lives and they lead to a crisis.
Being in a crisis is still a taboo. It's time to break that with the help of art!

Opening CRISIS ART  exhibition May 19, 2022 during ART ROTTERDAM
From 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

At 4 pm - Toine Horvers rotation 5 performance in public space

Opening hours during ART ROTTERDAM

ARTISTS: Olivier Deprez (BE), Laura Skvirskaya (BE), Jomi Builaert (BE), Inge Geudens (BE), Martine Vandevelde (BE), Senad Alic (BA/NL), Donglai Meng (CN/NL), Choi Wong (CN /NL)
Pauline Nijenhuis (NL), Yelena Myshko (UA/NL), Marjan Ketting (NL), Koen Moonen (NL), Hils Robbé (NL) and Wim van de Wege (NL)

Rotation 5 performance - Toine Horvers

Pretorialaan 4B, 3072 EM Rotterdam
Niffo Gallery/ Recycle Studio

'Surprising textile art product of love and patience'

Sander Grootendorst wrote a striking article in Achterhoek Nieuws.


Exhibiton 'Tijdspinsels’ Koppelkerk at Bredevoort

Work by Sonja Hillen on the left and right walls. In the red room Project Fast Work Time consuming Landscape

The enthusiastic team of the Koppelkerk in Bredevoort shows the work of 6 renowned textile artists: Willy Doreleijers, Anke Land, Sonja Hillen, Astrid Polman and the artist duo Anneke Copier, Claudio Varone and Pauline Nijenhuis in the new exhibition 'Tijdspinsels'.
Which time breathe a textile artwork? Does it breathe the speed of the hectic times we live in? Or is it rather a silent resistance to the pace of fast, faster, fastest?
The theme fits in seamlessly with Pauline's work.
Let's hope that the exhibition can be festively opened soon, January 2022, and that everyone can enjoy the special and meticulous works.

Address: Koppelkerk
Koppelstraat 35
Bredevoort, 7126 AG Netherlands

Opening hours:
Friday: 11:00 - 17:00
Saturday: 11:00 - 17:00
Sunday: 11:00 - 17:00
€ 6 incl. cup of coffee/tea

Two works in the States!

Exhibition: 2021

At the invitation of Mobilia Gallery, Pauline is participating with 2 works in the exhibition "Domestic Disturbance". The exhibition takes place in the gallery of the same name in Cambridge (Boston, Massachusetts).
Her work was picked up by the gallery, following an article on about her project Hand@work.
In the honorable invitation, owners Jo Anne Cooper and Libby Cooper state: “If the HAND@WORK pieces are still available, we would love to include them in the exhibition. It would truly be a pleasure to have you display your outstanding textiles, highlighting your brilliant technical skills and vibrant work for this event.”
The participation of the renowned - innovative - artist Lia Cook, gave Pauline the incentive to say "yes".
For "Domestic Disturbance", pieces are brought together that show innovative use of textile techniques.
They cover a wide range of inspiring topics, social, political, and the beauty of nature and everyday life.

Mobilia Gallery
Cambridge, MA 02138

New book released called 'Am I visible?'

This beautiful booklet is about Pauline her project HAND@WORK. 'Here, as an artist, I investigate the value of an object made with our hands versus a machine-made object'.
Caroline van Dockum (see picture) is the main author of this book. And many other hands have also contributed to this book.
This beautiful designed publication (by Frenz) has a limited edition, namely 125 pieces. All books are signed. The price is € 19.95 each (excluding shipping costs).

Or order by email info[EMAIL BESCHERMD />]@[EMAIL BESCHERMD />]

Photocredit: Xera Alberts - Pauline Nijenhuis: From conception to creation

24th Februari 2020 an interview was placed about Pauline her most recent project HAND@WORK in the populair international blog Pauline told about her process from conecpt to creation. Read more.

Pauline her solo-exhibition CBK Emmen at place 3 on the listcultural highlights 2019 - Dagblad van het Noorden

Reviewer Joep van Ruiten wrote: ' Handmade or artisan textile art raises questions about the future. Do we still dare to take the time for what we like to do? Or do we let ourselves be carried away by machines and computers? "