Folding Ambivalence opens 6 July at Dat Bolwerck-Zutphen

Saturday, July 6, 3:00 PM is the festive opening of the exhibition 'Folding Ambivalence' with work by Pauline Nijenhuis and Zeno van den Broek at Dat Bolwerck in Zutphen

Pauline opens the Folding Ambivalence exhibition with an impressive performance, entitled The Great Hackers Reveal, in collaboration with the bannermen of the Rifle Guild of Sint Martinus from Gaanderen. There will also be an opportunity for guests to experience the new edition of the audio installation Raumklang, developed for Dat Bolwerck, created by artists Zeno van den Broek and Robin Koek. And there is an opportunity to learn to fly flags yourself.

Exhibition: July 7 to September 1 2024. 
*Due to the Baroque Festival, it is closed from July 10 to 16.

Opening hours: The exhibitions are freely accessible from Wednesday to Sunday between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Address: Zaadmarkt 112, 7201 DE Zutphen, Netherlands


Artist talk at ETN European Textile Network - conferentie 2023, Łódź, Polen

On the 2nd day of this conference, Pauline gave an artist talk about her new project: 'Password, a curse or a blessing?
She took her first steps in the world of weaving, which led to some special results.
In her speech, she took the visitor into her early experiences in the world of weaving: with the Jacquard weaving machine of Textiles Zentrum Haslach, where she made her first woven tapestries of her own design - 'Oops Mistake' and 'Digital Twins': Both in collaboration with Elisabeth Stötzler and Andreas Selzer (Textiles Zentrum Haslach).
Also woven in jacquard, is a thick tapestry (200 x 150 cm) entitled 'My future - to Pixealte'. She was able to realize this design thanks to the cooperation of EE Exclusive Label-Nederland in Heeze.
Finally, she highlighted her work in progress project 'My Firewall', a machine-embroidered tunic in collaboration with TextielLab Tilburg.
My Firewall is part of her research into our virtual life. With this work she shows how vulnerable we as humans are to all the online 'violence'.
Her presentation in Lódz was received very positively.