Art route Grensloos Kunst Verkennen (Exploring Borderless Art)

Grensloos Kunst Verkennen [Exploring Borderless Art ] is an 8 km walking or cycling route along visual works of art by 20 artists, in the beautiful landscape of the villages of De Wijk (Drenthe) and IJhorst (Overijssel) and the border river the Reest.
I exhibit mixed-media paintings from the Fast Landscapes series. You are welcome at location 26 Molenstraat 19 De Wijk. Especially on Sundays, May 19 and June 2, at that time I will be present at this location.

The entire route can be viewed from May 16 to June 2, 2024, every Thursday to Sunday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. This year also on Whit Monday, May 20.
More information about participating 20 artists, starting places, ticket sales and prices.



In the Yoga International - art section!

Very proud to have been asked by Heidi Vandamme for a report in Yoga International magazine. Fantastic to be able to see myself in a row with artists such as Rob Birza, Berend Strik, Esther Tielemans, Louise te Poele, Nieke Koek and Carlien Oudes.
Heidi van Damme turns her focus to my invalid about the increasingly dependent independence of the digital world, artificial intelligence and the climate.
Under the title Pauline Nijenhuis, Conscious delay with needle and thread, it states, among other things, “In a society where speed is seen as (too) great an asset, she consciously seeks delay with her forbidden paintings, but also softness.”
Also discussed are the meditative element in my work, and my 'embodiment'.

Edition number 5, October/November 2023, page 38 to 42.


Hoe = Het Nu 2023

Hoe = Het Nu started as a Gelderland salon exhibition organized by Peter Nijenhuis. In 2017, ACEC took over. In 2023, Hoe = Het Nu focuses on art from the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel. The target? Making art visible and connecting art in the East Netherlands region. This year, almost a hundred artists will be exhibiting. Including a photowork by Pauline.

Address ACEC Roggestraat 44, 7311 CD Apeldoorn
Festive opening Saturday July 8 4 p.m.
Open: 8 July to 27 August and is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 17:00.


Artist talk at ETN European Textile Network - conferentie 2023, Łódź, Polen

On the 2nd day of this conference, Pauline gave an artist talk about her new project: 'Password, a curse or a blessing?
She took her first steps in the world of weaving, which led to some special results.
In her speech, she took the visitor into her early experiences in the world of weaving: with the Jacquard weaving machine of Textiles Zentrum Haslach, where she made her first woven tapestries of her own design - 'Oops Mistake' and 'Digital Twins': Both in collaboration with Elisabeth Stötzler and Andreas Selzer (Textiles Zentrum Haslach).
Also woven in jacquard, is a thick tapestry (200 x 150 cm) entitled 'My future - to Pixealte'. She was able to realize this design thanks to the cooperation of EE Exclusive Label-Nederland in Heeze.
Finally, she highlighted her work in progress project 'My Firewall', a machine-embroidered tunic in collaboration with TextielLab Tilburg.
My Firewall is part of her research into our virtual life. With this work she shows how vulnerable we as humans are to all the online 'violence'.
Her presentation in Lódz was received very positively.


Opening Remastered Art Exhibition March 18, 2023

Remastered Art is a new art movement in which art from the past, paintings, photography, ceramics and textiles have been adapted by leading artists. By "remastering" an old painting or portrait, the life of this old piece is extended in an innovative and sustainable way. Old paintings, stored in the attic due to varying appreciation and change of taste, are given a second life as a result!

When: From March 18 to May 8

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m
Address De Groene Afslag, Amersfoortsestraatweb 117, 1251 AV Laren.Tel 035-888887

Two works in the States!

Exhibition: 2021

At the invitation of Mobilia Gallery, Pauline is participating with 2 works in the exhibition "Domestic Disturbance". The exhibition takes place in the gallery of the same name in Cambridge (Boston, Massachusetts).
Her work was picked up by the gallery, following an article on about her project Hand@work.
In the honorable invitation, owners Jo Anne Cooper and Libby Cooper state: “If the HAND@WORK pieces are still available, we would love to include them in the exhibition. It would truly be a pleasure to have you display your outstanding textiles, highlighting your brilliant technical skills and vibrant work for this event.”
The participation of the renowned - innovative - artist Lia Cook, gave Pauline the incentive to say "yes".
For "Domestic Disturbance", pieces are brought together that show innovative use of textile techniques.
They cover a wide range of inspiring topics, social, political, and the beauty of nature and everyday life.

Mobilia Gallery
Cambridge, MA 02138

Two works selected for the Climate Expo ’22 - Zwolle

ClimateExpo '22 is the first national exhibition, organized by the ArtWorlds Foundation, in which artists are asked to express their vision on  climate change: “The climate crisis is crying out for major changes, which sometimes go beyond our imagination. We need the imagination of artists to portray the unimaginable.”
Two of Pauline her works have been selected from the 2200 submissions and can be seen in this exhibition, namely the work Disrupted Balance and Snel Landscape Disco.
Information exhibition
From September 17 to December 4, 2022
The 250 selected works can be seen at several locations, namely in the Academy House De Grote Kerk and Museum De Fundatie in Zwolle and Castle Het Nijenhuis, the Tuinzaal and the sculpture garden in Heino/Wijhe.
Audience Award
This exhibition also has a Audience Award. If you would like to see Pauline's works and maybe even vote for them; these can be found in the Grote Kerk. In the catalog they are listed as numbers 166 and 167.
More information
The project is made possible through collaboration between Museum de Fundatie and the Academy House Grote Kerk in Zwol