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Pauline's most autobiographical art works. Her own theme 'the acceleration' took over her life! Pressure from the outside, incentives and continuing in "what drives me". Where was the border she crossed?

Overwrought, burnt out; our society is full of expectations and pressure. Younger people are increasingly exposed to this. Study pressure, insufficient free time, stress due to social media. Thirty-year-olds want everything to be perfect. They need to find their dream job and want to meet the love of their life. And with the sandwich generation, all energy goes to career, education, (informal) care for parents and, preferably also, an equal relationship.

At Pauline, a process developed from within. Her involvement and activism regarding air quality sucked her into the depths.
Old images of tunnels literally came back. They pushed themselves to use in her new work and aided her in her recovery. Against what was once learned, she opted for very strongly contrasting color combinations. “Imagining is healing.”