Starting new project hand@work

In this project hand@work Pauline investigates the value of embroidery by hand. She asked 4 other Dutch textile artists to collaborate in the project. Marjolein Burbank, Tessa van Helden, Mique Menheere and Hinke Schreuders embroider the same design made by Pauline. Meanwhile the embroidery machine at the TextileLab in Tilburg will do the same.

Film documentary project HORIZONTAL CROSSINGS - China

To be seen the complication of the film documentary of the residence of Pauline, project HORIZONTAL CROSSINGS by the Hanshan Art Museum at Suzhou. Pauline told about her textile paintings and the story behind her work. Impressions of the five-day workshop to art students and professional embroidery women. And the  exhibition of this project.

Embroidery Magazine has published an interview with Pauline by curator Jane Audas.

"Jane Audas was very curious and asked a lot. I am also very proud that my work is on the cover of this issue! ".  Read more....

'That other reality which becomes visible by speed.'

In addition to textile paintings, Pauline also focuses on photography. Get acquainted with her new photo works printed on dibond with a top layer of acrylic.

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