Coming soon: solo expo 'Speed silences / Snelheid Verstilt' at the beautiful medieval accommodation of Dat Bolwerck - Zutphen.

The exhibition "Snelheid verstilt / Speed silences" will be opened on Sunday afternoon 15 March at 3 pm by Mirjam Deckers, art historian and curator. And a playful opening activity, entirely in the style of Pauline her work,  a competition in fast embroidery. Visitors vote who will become 'The Fastest Embroidery Star of Zutphen, 2020'!

'Irreplaceble' by Moniek Spaans in TxP winter issue 2019

An in-depth article about Pauline's project HAND@WORK in TxP (Textile Plus), magazine about textile art. Read more.

Film documentary project HORIZONTAL CROSSINGS - China

To be seen the complication of the film documentary of the residence of Pauline, project HORIZONTAL CROSSINGS by the Hanshan Art Museum at Suzhou. Pauline told about her textile paintings and the story behind her work. Impressions of the five-day workshop to art students and professional embroidery women. And the  exhibition of this project.

The price of increasing speed

Increasing speed in today’s Western society has a big influence on our lives, and the way how our surroundings and the landscape look like. Through automation processes, use of robots and the world of multimedia. What impact has increasing speed on our observation. Can our brains perceive the growing amount of fast pictures. And what are the consequences? Do we make the right decisions in our hurried lives?

As an artist, Pauline wants to investigate ‘The price of increasing speed’. She creates images where speed is shown. From a moving car she photographs the highway landscape and city architecture.  The result will be different depending on the speed of the car and the specific light on that moment.

The faster the car drives, the more abstract the images get. The distortions in the picture give a different, new truth.

'That other reality which becomes visible by speed.'

In addition to textile paintings, Pauline also focuses on photography. Get acquainted with her new photo works printed on dibond with a top layer of acrylic.

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