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Can I have your password?

My new project; Passwords: curse or blessing?

I want to investigate this question in a new project.
To stay close to reality, I want to use old, used passwords in a visual work to be made.
All comments are welcome. Also what this call does to you.

what am i looking for:
- share your old passwords with me;
- make sure that the password is no longer in use and that it cannot be traced back to you;
- mail me your passwords - my account: projectpassword[EMAIL BESCHERMD />]@[EMAIL BESCHERMD />]

I guarantee complete anonymity.
And again, all comments are welcome. Also what this call does to you.

More information

'Don't let the clock run your life. The surrender to time and not being carried away by the issues of the day, gives the inner time room for reflection, creativity and humanity!' – Joke J. Hermsen (Dutch writer and philosopher)

In her mixed-media paintings Pauline Nijenhuis depicts 'speed' in a very labour-intensive and time-consuming technique (acrylic and embroidery by hand). With this she searches for the delay. Maybe unconsciously a silent protest against the dizzying acceleration in our current high-tech age??

Pauline starts her work process by looking for speed; from a moving car she takes photos of the highway landscape in an urban environment. The result is different depending on the speed of the car. She makes photos, textile paintings and installations. In all her work she examines the acceleration in our current society. And how our human body relates in an increasingly automated society (the projects Fast Work Time consuming Landscape and HAND@WORK ).

The increasing speed in our Western world has a lot of influence on what our environment looks like through automation processes, the use of robots and the multimedia world. What impact does the increasing speed have on our perception. Our brains will eventually be able to follow these increasingly fast images. And what are the consequences of this? Are our hasty decisions the right ones?