Series Car Portraits

The theme behind these 'Car-Portraits' is our increasing use of robots and of implantation of artificial devices as organs in the human body. I ask myself if we're moving towards a 'cyborg'-culture? The car is my metaphor in this story - the first sign of a premature cyborg. Symbiosis of man and machine.

The characteristic feature of a cyborg is that the machine greatly enlarges human functions. The car ensures that man can move faster and therefore can travel a greater distance in shorter time. And when man drives, he is completely surrounded by this machine. Or his body is part of the car. 

I actually met the cars on my textile-paintings on the highway. I observed their actions and translated their driving behaviors in the design of the portrait. Almost as a kind of anthropomorphism: projecting and assigning human characteristics to an animal, or - in this case - to a machine. Perhaps to make the car more human.

In car-portrait 6 called 'Smiley', you can identify traits of a facial expression. And I change the colours of the car in my skin colours. The use of softness of the yarns reinforces the humanity of the car. 

Please klick - one of - the pictures and take a look to enjoy the richness of the surface of the art work.


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