New book released called 'Am I visible?'

This beautiful booklet is about Pauline her project HAND@WORK. 'Here, as an artist, I investigate the value of an object made with our hands versus a machine-made object'.
Caroline van Dockum (see picture) is the main author of this book. And many other hands have also contributed to this book.
This beautiful designed publication (by Frenz) has a limited edition, namely 125 pieces. All books are signed. The price is € 19.95 each (excluding shipping costs).

Or order by email info[EMAIL BESCHERMD />]@[EMAIL BESCHERMD />]

Photocredit: Xera Alberts

'75 years of freedom in art' - Museum Doetinchem - June 9 reopening!

Exhibition: September 22, 2020 until August 1, 2021

The importance of freedom in art is from great significance after the Second World War. Artists demanding their freedom and wanted change.
This exhibition, which is a collaboration between eight Dutch and eight German cities, shows us art just before the Second World War till the present. And tells the story of why art was created. Artists demanding their freedom and wanted change. What was the function of art in these periods?
Where freedom is not self-evident. Or it has major consequences for climate change, and our quality of life. Pauline tells in her art about the increasing speed in our daily lives.

Participating artists: Otto Pankok, Jo Spier, Cas Oorthuys, Maria Austria, Otto Andreas Schreiber, Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman, Philip Mechanicus, Armando, Corneille, Jan Kagie, Lucebert, Eugène Brands, Roelof Frankot, Jan Homan, Henk Peeters, Anton Heyboer , Eva Pankok, Karel Appel, Günther Uecker, Jan Henderikse, Ulay, Michael Wolf, Kars Tuinder, Kadir van Lohuizen, Pauline Nijenhuis, Kira Fröse and RoosArt.

This exhibition is an initiative of the province of Gelderland -'Herdenkt 75 jaar Vrijheid en Vrede ( Rembering 75 years of Freedom & Peace).

Address: Burgemeester van Nispenstraat 2 / 7001 BS Doetinchem.
Open: Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday from 1 pm to 4 pm.

Wednesday June 3th reopening of the exhibition 'Snelheid Verstilt!'

That Bolwerck will reopen to the public on Wednesday 3 June 2020. You are very welcome!
Opening hours have been enlarged. You can visit from Wednesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00 until July 12, 2020.

Due to the corona measures, Dat Bolwerck has a maximum number of visitors (24) who can view the exhibition. Much has been done to make your visit as pleasant and safe as possible.

It is therefore possible that you have a short wait before you can enter.

360º virtual tour by Jeroen Jazet

Because of the coronavirus, the exhibition at Dat Bolwerck is closed temporarily. With thanks to Jeroen Jazet the audience can already take a look at the exhibition “Speed is quiet” with the  360º virtual tours

Private opening expo ' Snelheid Verstilt' at Dat Bolwerck - Zutphen

Due to the Corona virus, the opening of the exhibition was private! In her opening lecture, Mirjam Deckers art historian, told about the title of the exhibition"Snelheid verstilt (Speed slows down)" has now unintentionally become reality, due to the Corona virus.,
Followed by an opening activity, entirely in the style of Pauline's work, a speed competition embroidery. Which was recorded by B-FM. After this opening, Dat Bolwerck closed its doors.

This overview exhibition of Pauline Nijenhuis is consisting  textile paintings, installations and photosworks  in the beautiful medieval accommodation of Dat Bolwerck. 

Pauline her solo-exhibition CBK Emmen at place 3 on the listcultural highlights 2019 - Dagblad van het Noorden

Reviewer Joep van Ruiten wrote: ' Handmade or artisan textile art raises questions about the future. Do we still dare to take the time for what we like to do? Or do we let ourselves be carried away by machines and computers? "

'Irreplaceble' by Moniek Spaans in TxP

TxP (Textile Plus) magazine about textile art, in this winter issue 2019, TxP is about embroidery technology and how it is applied by (inter) national textile artists. Including Pauline her research in the embroidery project HAND@WORK, see pages 20, 21 and 22. Moniek Spaans delves into this research and tells about this in her article "Irreplaceable", the project in which Pauline Nijenhuis searches for her right to exist. 

In February 2020, the entire article may be placed on this site at item reviews/publications.

Great opening exhibition 'Hand Schrift' CBK Emmen

Looking back on a great opening of the solo exhibition Hand Schrift with a good turnout of interested visitors. Praising words from Harry Tupan (Director Drents Museum). 'Harry Tupan approaches me as a mixed media artist. In the retrospective exhibition he saw my first and latest embroidery work and indicated how I have grown and matured this technique. A super compliment of course!' Pauline presents an overview of her work.
In addition to her textile paintings, there is also photo works to be seen. Central in the exhibition is the installation of the new ongoing HAND@WORK project.
To be seen till January 6th 2020.
Address: Ermerweg 88B, 7812 BG Emmen, The Netherlands
Open: Thursday to Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm

Opening solo exhibition Hand Schrift - CBK Emmen, De Fabriek

On Saturday 12 October at 3.30 pm, Harry Tupan, director of the Drents Museum, will open the exhibition Hand Schrift in De Fabriek of the Center for Visual Arts Emmen (CBK). Pauline Nijenhuis presents an overview of her work. In addition to her textile paintings, there is also a lot of photo work to be seen. Central to the exhibition is the installation of the new HAND@ WORK project. She investigates the value and appreciation of handwriting in embroidery. A collaboration with Marjolein Burbank, Tessa van Helden, Mique Menheere, Hinke Schreuders and the TextielLab in Tilburg. For this ongoing research Will be the opion of the visitor important. she asks the visitor in a poll about his / her opinion about the value of working with our hands.

Exhibition October 12th 2019 till January 5th 2020
Address: Ermerweg 88B, 7812 BG Emmen, The Netherlands
Open: Thursday to Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm

Filmdocumentary of the exhibition at Hansshan Art Museum - China 2019

'Horizontal Crossings' is the name of the comtemporary embroideryart exhibition and project in which also Alice Kettle, Zou Yingzi, students of the China Academy of Art and Suzhou Art & Design participate. The Carportraits, Borderline and a number of other works by Pauline joined the exhibition. Also She provided a 5-day workshop called 'Designing an comtemporary landschape'. This project is also to be seen at the filmdocumentary Horizontal Crossings

In the 2018 catalogue of Korea Craft Design Assiciation

The catalogue of the exhibition Korea Craft Design Assiciation 2018 has arrived! Pauline is in good company. The exhibition was this year invited in the USA at the KM Art Center Gallery, Virginia presenting artists of 29 different countries. 

New American textile art book 'Wall Art, Artistry in Fiber'

The new beautiful art book WALL ART, ARTISTRY IN FIBER has arrived! Pauline's work is shown at pages 138 -139 .

This book by Anne Lee and Ashley Rooney (VS) contains the work of 100 international colleagues as Ane Henriksen, Leo Daniel Chiachio Giannone, Ruben Marroquin, Terry M.Boyd, ... and many more.

Visiting cultural Apeldoorn in December 2017

Besides the smashing exhibition Beauty of the Battle at CODA Museum you can visit art gallery ACEC to see modern landscapes. Till 9 December 2018 ACEC offers you an interesting exhibition by 13 artists. A wide variety of techniques and artistic views on landscapes and architecture is presented in the exhibition HORIZON.
ACEC is geopend van woensdag t/m zondag van 12.00u tot 17.30 uur.

Next to Anke Land in Gallery De Kapberg

36 textile artists at Galerie De Kapberg to be seen in Egmond aan den Hoef, The Netherlands from now till July 8th 2018! Initiator Flox den Hartog Jager wanted to show textile art in the Netherlands. Flox is also one of the artists as well as work of colleague Anke Land (next to Pauline). Wouter de Vries, editor in chief of TxP (textile art magazine), opened the exhibition. Open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 1 to 5 pm.

JUST PUBLISHED! Book Project Fast Work - Time consuming Landscape

Pauline proudly presents her first book on her project Fast Work Time consuming Landscape. All blood, sweat and tears including photos of the diary, the four works and the installation summarized in a nice compact book. In the book, she takes you into her process as an artist. And she also shows you the audience reactions. Are you interested? Send an email to info[EMAIL BESCHERMD />]@[EMAIL BESCHERMD />] The book, 63 pages, is € 17.95 (excluding shipping costs), printed in a small edition. 

Design: Frenz Amsterdam
Editors: Mariël Ellens, Caroline van Dockum
Some pictures from: I.Zijp

Hot off the press!

A selection from Pauline's series Fast Landscapes is bundled in a folding book called leporello. A sturdy booklet of 16 pages with 8 works on a scale of 10 by 15 cm. The works in postcard format include details of her works, quotes and a short explanation of the Fast Landscapes series. The booklet gives an impression of the theme in her work and working method.The leporellos are for sale in the museum shop of the Gorcums Museum. You can also order them via info[EMAIL BESCHERMD />]@[EMAIL BESCHERMD />] The leporello is € 7.95 (excluding shipping costs).

Design: Frenz Amsterdam
Editor: Caroline van Dockum
Photowork: I.Zijp

HOE=HET NU 2017, exhibition and auction at ACEC Apeldoorn

Exhibition and online auction of 148 works by 52 contemporary visual artists from the East Netherlands and the border region of Germany. Pauline offered the following works for the auction: Car portrait nr. 7 (see photo above) and Car portrait 3. The work Fastworld Airway can also be seen at the exhibition.

ACEC Roggestraat 44, Apeldoorn The Netherlands
8 November - 10 December 2017

Textile Biennial 2015, her first international exhibition!

Museum Rijswijk shows textile works by nineteen international artists. In addition to the wide variety of material selection and applications, this edition also features striking common denominators. The most important? All submitted works provide substance to reflections and reflections. 
And a nice side effect: all smaller works of Pauline were sold.

Museum Rijswijk, Herenstraat 67, Rijswijk, The Netherlands
9 May - 27 September 2015

Opening ZomerExpo 2019

Pauline's work Airway will be shown this summer in Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle. 
Artists were invited to explore the theme Europe. A selection of 250 works of various artists, anonymously chosen by a professional, junior and public jury, is exhibited in Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle. Few themes are as open to discussion as Europe today. According to Carlien Oudes, director of ArtsWorlds' Summer Expo, an impressive and provoking exhibition.

The Fundatie's summer programme includes exhibitions on the work of Charlotte van Pallandt and Michael Triegel besides ZomerExpo.

Open: until 1 September 2019

Nice review in blog Artyembroidery

Editor Mique Menheere of the blog artyembroidery  posted a review on Pauline's book 'Project Fast Work - Time Consuming landscape'. Mique writes: "In 2018 a booklet about this project was published. If you haven't been able to see the project, this book is a perfect way to get a good impression of it." To Mique, as a former career coach, the conclusions of Pauline's research are very interesting. "Lots of employers implement reduction of employees and increase profit targets at the same time. When you transfer Pauline's conclusion to the average working place.... I think you could say that time pressure above a certain amount, has a negative impact on the employees and their health. "Furthermore she suggests:"How great it would it be if this theme would be academically researched by psychology faculties of universities".


From 28 October until 30 December 2018 Museum de Kantfabriek organizes the exhibition TEXTIEL LEEFT. Ten textile artists present 40 new art works in continuation to their work published in the book Textielleeft! by Ellen Bakker (2012). 

During the exhibition nearly all the Car portraits by Pauline are shown next to her work Spaceship is coming. Furthermore you can see work by the Dutch artists Sylvia Terwisscha van Scheltinga, Irma Frijlink, Carola Mokveld, Esther Brugging, Els Lemkes, Hella van ’t Hof, Stef Kreymborg, Henrique van Putten en Ellen Bakker.

Meanwhile Museum de Kantfabriek presents work of young College of Arts graduates in the exhibtion “MOP-UP 2”.

Soon in Embroidery Magazine, January 2019

Embroidery Magazine of January 2019 publishes an interview with Pauline by curator Jane Audas. Embroidery follows Pauline’s work for some time. Jane wants to know how Pauline pictures her observation of speed in her work, why she uses embroidery and when she started using embroidery as a technique. Pauline’s move from the urban Rotterdam landscape to the more soft landscape of the river the IJssel triggered her to take up needle and thread. And of course Jane is curious why Pauline’s work hasn’t been shown in the UK. In the next newsletter more about this interview.

Embroidery Magazine is published 6 times a year as a print edition and in digital format. It focuses on contemporary art and design on an international level. Jane Audas is curator of exhibitions in museums about design and craft. She also works on digital projects in museums and is freelance editor for several publications.

Thanks Mondriaan Foundation!

The Mondriaan Foundation supports Pauline participation in the international exhibition Fiberart FI2016 in Pittsburgh (USA).

TIME, SPACE & ARCHITECTURE - Cityscapes Foundation

Pauline's installation Fast Work Time consuming Landscape is presented at the exhibition 'TIME, SPACE & ARCHITECTURE' 2017 by Cityscapes Foundation Amsterdam. This installation is a result of her project Fast Work Time consuming Landscape. Reason for this experiment is the big acceleration in today's society.

Cityscapes Foundation, Huidekoperstraat 26-28, Amsterdam
15 September-27 October 2017

Vincent Bijlo touches the light in 'Magic kiss'!

The Dutch comedian, writer and columnist Vincent Bijlo who is blind from birth, shows how you can experience an exhibition without using your sight. He discovers Pauline's work The Magic Kiss with his hands during the ZomerExpo 2014 Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. Video = 1.30 minutes.

Interview Parool by Jochem van Staalduine

In the article 'Knitting Facades' on the exhibition Textile Architecture at XS ARCAM Market, Pauline says: 'I am looking for a process that is as slow as possible. The material is part of the message '. The entire interview can be read in Het Parool of Friday 10 October 2014 - page 8.

The Merit (second price) Award by ARTS & CRAFTS DESIGN AWARD 2015

This award is an annual international design competition. The contest is open for all nominated professional, students, craftspeople and designers from any country. The participants for this international award came from 43 different nations. Comment of the jury: "Dear Pauline, Congratulations! For the outstanding quality and originality of your works!" 

Again in Surface Design (USA)

Surface Design publishes a photo of Pauline's canvas 'Fastlandscape Orange' (top right) in the autumn issue 2016. The article is entitled The World of Threads Festival 2016, 'Me and You', The Living Arts Center Gallery in Canada.


Arcam and XS ARCHITECTURE present the second XS ARCAM MARKET, with the theme textile architecture, 2014. Twenty-two designers show their innovative products, artworks and prototypes - from textiles!

Arcam Gallery, Amsterdam
30 May-2 June 2014

TextileTalk Biënnale at Contextile Portugal 2016

Contemporary Textile Art Biënnale, in partnership with the European Textile Network, ETN, organizes TextileTALKs by 10 artists, at the opening during the Symposium 'Textile in Contemporary Art', Guimarães in Portugal. Pauline tells about her work theme "The price of speed', her work process and what brings textile in the acrylic painting proces.

Guimaraes, Portugal
30 July-6 October 2016

Two works selected for ZomerExpo 2014 theme Light

This is the third time Pauline exhibits in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. With two works Fast World and The Magic Kiss.

Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, The Netherlands
29 May-31 August 2014

Voor de draad ermee! The Art of Embroidery Gorcums Museum April 7 till September 9, 2018

On Saturday 7 April 2018, the Gorcums Museum opened the exhibition Voor de draad ermee! The art of embroidery. With beautiful examples of embroidery from the past and present. Five of Pauline's Fast Landscape works have been selected for this exhibition.
A beautiful line-up with the participation of renowned artists such as Michael Raedecker, Rob Scholte, Barbara Polderman, Tilleke Schwarz, Barbara Broekman, Jan Taminiau and more. 
Linda Hanssen, curator Wereldmuseum Rotterdam, shows us embroidery from the past.

Gorcums Museum, Gorcum, The Netherlands
Address Grote Markt 17, 4201 EB Gorinchem.

Two works selected for the big ZomerExpo 2017

Museum Het Nijenhuis and Museum de Fundatie is hosting ZomerExpo 2017. 2017's theme is 'Water'. Pauline 's work Fata Morgana will be shown and even sold at the Fundatie. Museum Het Nijenhuis presents her work Borderline.

Good review by Charles Rosemblum - Surface Design Journal

Fiberart International 2016 Pittsburgh Center for the Arts Society for Contemporary Craft. In contrast, by Pauline of the Netherlands also deserves special mention. As the terminal side of an airport runway, the subject is seemingly banal. Yet the finely woven articulation is exquisitely refined in color and resolution, with delicate patterned gradation within the embroidery, making no small reference to the tall skies and surgical details of more traditional Dutch landscape. It is strangely reticent, yet very stirring. It rewards close scrutiny as it wavers among abstraction and representation, tactility and visual depth. In this work and the show as a whole fiber arts are as vibrant and versatile as the curators assert. They weigh in on any issue of contemporary artistic expression, with medium specific materials and traditions, all while maintaining their richness'.

Pauline on the Catalan television program "Yes T'ho Faras!

Saturday 4 March 2017, Pauline's work is to be seen in the popular Catalan television program "Yes T'ho Faras!The Spanish tv-program has an average audience of 500,000 viewers and it is dedicated to crafts and handmade products. Ja T'ho Faras tries to achieve a wide audience to interest in art. In the item "Món del Mundial" (My World), they show professional artists from around the world. The artists may give a brief explanation of their work.

Interview 'Man and Machine',

Sam Pitcher asks about the visual artistry of Pauline Nijenhuis. She talks about her current technique and method, which artists influence her and the special memories concerning one of the works. - England. 

Selected for the 4th time and with 4 votes!

The exhibition Zomerexpo Anonymously Selected in Gemeentemuseum The Hague is the largest exhibition with open registration and anonymous work, organized by ArtWorlds that year. 2015's theme is Fierce. Pauline received four votes from six judges. Including one vote of jury member Tinkebel. Each juror voted individually by leaving a memo with the work. Pauline has passed this evening round and found 4 memos meaning 4 votes for her work.

'Magical Kiss' art of the day at & KUNST.NL

Benno Tutein Nolthenius selected the artwork Magical Kiss as artwork of the day on both websites on February 22, 2013 .

Potato Woman at ZomerExpo 2013

The Potato Woman has been selected for ZomerExpo 2013. All works have been chosen anonymously by the jury. Only the power of expression and the quality of the work counted. The names and background of the artists are not mentioned during the selection. The theme of the Summer Expo 2013 is Earth.

Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, The Netherlands
8 June-15 September 2013

Pauline's work included in the E-book 'A response to landscape'

Ten contemporary textile artists give their reaction to the landscape bringing together different views and also abstract interpretations. Landscapes have been a source of inspiration for artists throughout the ages. Far-reaching vistas have been depicted literally and portrayed abstractly by practitioners working in a wide range of media. A Response to Landscape brings together 10 incredible contemporary artists who speak of the subject matter in a unique way. The artists included in the book are Alison King, Shona Skinner, Jan Beaney, Daren Redman, Carol Naylor, Pauline Nijenhuis, Debbie Lyddon, Carol Shinn, Barbara Lee Smith and Diana McKinnon. Pauline's contribution can be read from page 98 up to 108.The book is on sale for € 5.00 (£ 3.99). E-book 'A response to landscape is published by London

Exhibition Cityscapes Gallery Summer in the city!

A new exhibition opened by Hans Janssen, head curator of Modern Art at the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague."Hot village, summer in the city. Back of my neck is dirty and gritty. Been down, that is not too bad. Does not seem to be a shadow in the city." Cityscapes Gallery closed the first part of 2014 in a sunny tone: a short, warm exhibition takes place at GM8 just before the summer holidays: "Summer in the City"! The show provides an overview of the artists and architects with whom the gallery regularly collaborate. Each participant shows one work.

Cityscapes Gallery, Gabriel Metsustraat 8, Amsterdam
4-14 July 2014


Life in the fast lane

Embroidery Magazine of January 2019 has published an interview with Pauline by curator Jane Audas. The interview (page 16 to 21) offers a complete overview of Pauline's art work and future plans. Jane Audas talks about the theme in Pauline's work: the demands that modern life places on humanity. ‘I am also very proud that my work is on the cover of this issue! "Embroidery Magazine is released in print and digital in Great Britain 6 times a year. It focuses on contemporary art and design on an international level. Jane Audas is curator of exhibitions in museums about design and craft.

Landscape Art in ACEC

Horizon  is the title of the exhibition that will be opened in Art centre ACEC in Apeldoorn on November 10th at 4 pm.

Thirteen artists are showing in their work great commitment to their environment. Pauline is also selected to present a series of 4 textile paintings entitled 'Spaceships'. These works arose by asking the following questions: What will we remember when we pass a landscape or building at high speed? Is a building still looking the same by observing it from a fast driving car at different speeds?

Open: from 7 November until 9 December 2018 - Wednesday to Sunday from 12.00 to 17.30. Address: ACEC gebouw Roggestraat 44 Apeldoorn.

Successful presentation in the Gorcum museum!

On June 10, 2018 Pauline told about her artworks, the work process and the underlying story. In addition, her project 'Fast Work - Time consuming Landscape' was shared. The audience was very interested and asked a lot of questions! 'It was great to give this lecture' acoording to Pauline.'The preparations by the museum, thanks to Gijs Brandts and Rob Kreszner, have made it great! 

Nice review in TROUW by Joke de Wolf!

TROUW (national press) 'Embroidery is hip: modern artists also like to use needle and thread' by Joke de Wolf on 10 April 2018 - 6:43 PM.

Pauline her story in the documentairy ZomerExpo 2017 'The making of…Water’!

On Saturday 3 June 2017 is the premiere of a beautiful documentary in museum De Fundatie in Zwolle. Remko Dekker of Bluewine Productions followed the artists John Mostert, Teddy Lauren and Pauline, from the artstudio to the preliminaries of the SummerExpo to judging! Pauline tells in her studio the story behind the work and also discusses the work process.

Pauline in the Catalan television program "Yes T'ho Faras!

This Saturday 4 March 2017 Pauline her work is to be seen in the popular Catalan television program "Yes T'ho Faras!

The Spanish tv-program has an average audience of 500,000 viewers and it is dedicated to crafts and handmade products.

Ja T'ho Faras tries to achieve a wide audience to interest in art (from children to adults, amateurs to professionals). In the item "Món del Mundial" (My World), they show professional artists from around the world. The artists may give a brief explanation of their work.

Fiberart International 2016 Pittsburgh USA

FiberArt International 2016 is a benchmark exhibition presenting the best in contemporary fiberart. FI2016, the 22nd edition in an ongoing series of triennial shows, was juried by Chunghie Lee, Arturo Alonzo Sandoval, and Tali Weinberg.This is the first time Pauline is crossing the border with her work! This is made possible by the support of the Mondriaan Foundation.  Her work Fast Landscape Airway has been selected for this exhibition.

Two works go to Canada!

'Me and you' is the culminating exhibition of artworks submitted to the 2016 International World of Threads Festival and selected for display at the Living Arts Centre Gallery Showcasing 21 artists, this exhibition highlights new modes of using textiles and fibre arts as a means to address contemporary concerns and issues.

International Textile Biennial 2017, Belgium

Textile works by more than 30 international artists were shown in the Community Center over an area of 850 m² and 3 levels. Once again a cultural high-flyer in the Belgian art landscape, where renowned artists are also present this time.

Car portraits and fast landscapes - Textiel Plus

Publication in textile art magazine TxP spring 2014. 'Car portraits and fast landscapes Painted embroidery by Pauline MM Nijenhuis' by Dorothé Swinkels. Pages 26, 27 and 28.

Pecha Kucha presentation at Cityscapes Gallery

On Friday 28 August 2015 Cityscapes Gallery organizes a Pecha Kucha event to conclude the Summer in the City 02 exhibition. At a Pecha Kucha, participants will present a slideshow of 20 images in a total time of 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Pauline tells about sources of inspiration. Other participants are Marjan Teeuwen, Daniel Mullen, Tilmann Meyer-Faje, Eva Crebolder, Jeroen Kramer and architects MVRDV.


Her work 'Ghost Tunnel' has been selected by the jury of the AVROTROS Van Gogh competition from 3700 entries and belongs to the last 20! The jury consisting of Axel Rüger (director Van Gogh Museum), Marc Mulder and Henk Schut examined all works in real life and chose the painting 'Holy G' by Rutger van der Tas. Pauline uses Van Gogh's color palette in the work 'Ghost Tunnel'. And Van der Tas shows also the substantive side.

Summer in the city 2, Oh Brave New World 2015

But I don't want comfort, I want poetry, I want danger, I want freedom, I want goodness, I want sin. Aldous Huxley, Brave New World. For the second time Cityscapes Gallery proudly presents its annual group exhibition Summer in the City with many artists that they enjoyed working with in the past and / or look forward to working with in the future.

Cityscapes Gallery, Piet Hein Buildings, Amsterdam
12 June- 14 August 2015