'75 years of freedom in art '- City Museum Doetinchem, 22 September 2020 - 28 March 2021

The importance of freedom in art is from great significance after the Second World War. Artists demanding their freedom and wanted change.
This exhibition, which is a collaboration between eight Dutch and eight
 German cities, is divided into four time zones. Starting with art just before and during the Second World War. Followed by the 50s - 60s with the art movements Zero and the Cobra. Figurative and expressive painting flourished in the 1970s-80s. And the last period, the 90s to the present, where freedom is not self-evident. Or has major consequences for climate change, our quality of life and.… the chance of contamination.

This exhibition tells the story why this art was created. And what functions does art have.
Each time period focuses on a number of artists who have had regional and national significance for that period, both German and Dutch.

All participating artists are Otto Pankok, Jo Spier, Cas Oorthuys, Maria Austria, Otto Andreas Schreiber, Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman, Philip Mechanicus, Armando, Corneille, Jan Kagie, Lucebert, Eugène Brands, Roelof Frankot, Jan Homan, Henk Peeters, Anton Heyboer , Eva Pankok, Karel Appel, Günther Uecker, Jan Henderikse, Ulay, Michael Wolf, Kars Tuinder, Kadir van Lohuizen, Pauline Nijenhuis, Kira Fröse and RoosArt.

This exhibition is part of the cross-border program Achterhoek, initiated by Stichting Gelderland 'Herdenkt 75 jaar Vrijheid en Vrede ( Rembering 75 years of Freedom & Peace). An initiative of the province of Gelderland.

Address: Burgemeester van Nispenstraat 2 / 7001 BS Doetinchem
Open: Tuesday and Wednesday from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM /  Thursday to Sunday from 12 noon to 5 pm

Guided tours and lectures during exhibition 'Snelheid Verstilt' - Dat Bolwerck

Guided tours by Pauline Nijenhuis — June 14, June 21 and July 5 2020
Pauline gives a number of tours about the story behind her work, her working process and projects: "Time consuming Landscape" and "HAND@WORK".  Also about her new photo installation "Echo of Suzhou".
Time 10 am to 11 am, free entrance (max. 10 people). 

Lecture "Food for thought ... and doing" by Mirjam Deckers — June 28 2020
Elaborating on the theme of Pauline, Art historian Mirjam Deckers (1996) - specialized in aesthetics and art philosophy - addresses the question: What is the value of working with your hands in a time of smartphone screens, virtual worlds and machine fashion? Beautiful fabrics interwoven with a touch of philosophy and everyday home-garden-and-kitchen situations.
See also:
Start 3 pm, entrance € 10.00 (max. 20 people). The lecture can also be attended live online. 

Lecture and book presentation by Pauline Nijenhuis — July 4 2020
Pauline will give a short lecture entitled "That other reality that becomes visible through speed!". Her new book "Am I visible" Project HAND @ WORK will be launched this afternoon, written by Caroline van Dockum. This book tells about the battle between the embroiderers and the embroidery machine, looking for the value of an object made by hands instead of a machine. The study was conducted on an embroidery design by Pauline. The foreword was written by Mirjam Deckers.
Start at 3 pm, free entrance (max. 20 people). 

Reopening: June 3 - July 12 2020
Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am till 5 pm
Address: Zaadmarkt 112, 7201 DE, Zutphen, The Netherlands

Photo of Mirjam Deckers / credits:

Snelheid Verstilt, Dat Bolwerck, Zutphen, The Netherlands

Dat Bolwerck is very happy to announce that this solo exhibition will be reopened on Wednesday June 3. Due to the Corona crisis, the exhibition closed immediately after the opening on March 15

This retrospective exhibition 'Snelheid Verstilt (Limit the speed, to slow down and to get quiet) in the beautiful medieval accommodation of Dat Bolwerck (Zutphen) presents Pauline a wide range of artworks. Her textile paintings, photo works and three installations of the projects: Fast Work Time-consuming Landscape, HAND@WORK and Echo of Suzhou to be seen. This last photo project is inspired of her residental stay at Suzhou, China in 2019.

The program also includes guided tours and lectures.

Due to the corona measures, Dat Bolwerck (Zutphen) has a maximum number of visitors (24) who can view the exhibition. It is therefore possible that you have a short wait before you can enter.

Reopening: June 3 - July 12 2020
New opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am till 5 pm
Address: Zaadmarkt 112, 7201 DE Zutphen

Hanshan Art Museum - Suzhou, China

'Horizontal Crossings' is the name of the comtemporary embroideryart exhibition and project in which also Alice Kettle, Zou Yingzi, students of the China Academy of Art and Suzhou Art & Design participate. The Carportraits, Borderline and a number of other works by Pauline can be seen there until 2 June 2019.