Documentary 'Am I visible' - project HAND@WORK, 2019 - 2020

This project is part of her continuous research that focuses on the central question of what the difference is between a work of art made by a human versus made by a machine. There is still appreciation for handicrafts in our time and in the future.
What strikes her as an artist is that a man-made object has a kind of "handwriting". Something belonging to the maker is reflected in the created object. 
The participating artists said that they were indeed looking for space to leave a personal mark on their embroidery. But another problem arose: how can I embroider neatly? A lively discussion between artists followed. Perhaps our ancestors taught us to work neatly and it is still present, within our feminine values.
Frank de Wind, from TextielLab, also tells and shows how machine embroidery in this project worked.

Docu film 'Am I visible' - in Dutch, 12 minutes.