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In 2019-2020, Pauline organized a research project to compare human with robotic embroidery. For that project the exact same design was manually manufactured by five artists - Marjolein Burbank, Tessa van Helden, Mique Menheere, Hinke Schreuders and Pauline herself – and robotic manufactured by the embroidery machine of the TextielLab, Textielmuseum Tilburg. The central questions for the project were: What is the difference between manual and machine work? Can you recognize the creator in the creation? What does machine manufacturing add to a work of art? And how do we (then) appreciate machine embroidery?

Video 2.37 minutes
Camera and editing: Ivonne Zijp
Typography: Francis Nijenhuis
Editor: Herma Loman
Music: Besound Enigmatic