The price of increasing speed

Increasing speed in today’s Western society has a big influence on our lives, and the way how our surroundings and the landscape look like. Through automation processes, use of robots and the world of multimedia. What impact has increasing speed on our observation. Can our brains perceive the growing amount of fast pictures. And what are the consequences? Do we make the right decisions in our hurried lives?
Pauline starts her work process by seeking for speed. She takes photos of the highway landscape from a moving car. She  The result is different according to the speed of the car and the amount of light that is present at that specific moment.

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En français:

Le travail de Pauline M.M. Nijenhuis induit une impression de vitesse. Ses compostitions illustrent les spectacles les plus communs de notre époque: les paysages vus à partir d'une voiture en mouvement.

Quotes of Pauline

"These photos, taken from a fast-moving car, show images that my brain can hardly decipher anymore. The distortions in the image show another new reality, a new truth. What I see or think I see, that I try to intensify or give a certain direction in my work. Whether this is the correct visualization of reality is irrelevant. And that is precisely what illustrates the risk of observation in our ‘fast time'."

"That other reality that becomes visible through speed."

Auf Deutsch:

Pauline M.M. Nijenhuis Arbeit führt zu einem Gefühl von Geschwindigkeit. Ihre Darstellungen zeigen die häufigsten Ansichten unserer Zeit: Landschaften aus einem fahrenden Auto.

Pauline Nijenhuis

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