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Fast landscapes

Solo exhibition ‘Snelheid Verstilt’ –  Dat Bolwerck Zutphen, Netherlands - 2020

In her textile paintings Pauline Nijenhuis depicts 'speed' through a very labour-intensive and time-consuming technique (acrylic and embroidery by hand). This technique requires Pauline to slow down in every step of the process. Maybe unconsciously it’s her silent protest against the dizzying acceleration of our society?
Acceleration is the recurring theme in all her work. Not only does Pauline research and identify the impact of acceleration on our society, but she also investigates the impact of automation in this acceleration on our body. How does our body actually relate to this increasingly automated society

Video 3.18 minutes
Ivonne Zijp - camera montage
Herma Loman - editor
Francis Nijenhuis – typography
Besounds betterdays – music