The endresult of the project

Cityscape Foundation has given me the opportunity to show my project at the exhibiton Space Time & Architecture"' at Huidenkoperstraat 28 in Amsterdam, 2017.

The installation is the result of the project. In the visual arts it is often concerns the endproduct, the art work. For me, also the work process. In this project also the time pressure is decisive for the endresult. In this installation a part of the logbook and shots of the movie where shown, along with the four works. All this takes place in a large circle, referring to the shape of the dial of a clock and to me symbole of time. The circle is furnished with a large seat with cushions where the visitor can take the time to compare the four textile paintings. And at the opposite of the bank a counter, as a contrast, the digital environment with tablets. Here, the visitor can view a PowerPoint presentation and movie recordings of my experiences, in a time impossed by me.