'Irreplaceble' by Moniek Spaans, TxP

TxP (Textile Plus), magazine about textile art, in this winter issue 2019, TxP is about embroidery technology and how it is applied by (inter) national textile artists. Including Pauline her research in the embroidery project HAND@WORK, see pages 20, 21 and 22. Moniek Spaans delves into this research and tells about this in her article "Irreplaceable", the project in which Pauline Nijenhuis searches for her right to exist. 

There is much to discover in this edition of TxP, with artists such as Marjolein Burbank, Karola Pezarro, Nini Luhtasaari, Rhian Swierat, Leena Illukka, Junko Oki, 14-year embroidery project by Jenny Bijsterbosch, Petra van der Steen, Clare Hunter and Yveline Tropéa.