'Irreplaceble' by Moniek Spaans, TxP

TxP (Textile Plus), magazine about textile art, in this winter issue 2019.
TxP is about embroidery technology and how it is applied by (inter)national textile artists. Including Pauline her research in the embroidery project HAND@WORK, see pages 20, 21 and 22. Moniek Spaans delves into this research and tells about this in her article "Irreplaceable", the project in which Pauline Nijenhuis searches for her right to exist. 

'Textile paintings by Pauline Nijenhuis CBK Emmen', KunstKrant

Kunstkrant, November/ December 2019 pages 7.  The increasing speed in our western world has a lot of influence on what our environment looks like through automation processes, the use of robots and the multimedia. What impact does increasing speed have on our perception? Will our brains still be able to follow fast images in the long term? And what are the consequences of this? Are our hasty decisions the right?
Pauline Nijenhuis wants to investigate this as an artist. Read more.

'Mens versus Machine', Joep van Ruiten, Dagblad van het Noorden

Dagblad van het Noorden, October 17th 2019,  page 42. Pauline Nijenhuis makes photos, textile paintings and installations. In her work she investigates the consequences of the acceleration in our society. Read more