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A jacquard woven tapestry, size 158 x 155 cm, cotton, woven at Textiles Zentrum Haslach Austria.*
This work was inspired by errors, pixels that were not formatted correctly by storing photos in the cloud. A nice detail is the yellow stripe that appears to be embroidered on the fabric by pattern weft lancé (indicating a fabric with additional decorative threads woven along with it; these threads do not belong to the ground fabric). It contrasts nicely with the rest of the fabric. Here a new 'reality' arises.

Technical data: binding 1 warp/1 weft pattern plus weft lance.
Photoshop file reduction 27 colors.
Cotton Nm135/2

*Textiles Zentrum Haslach Austria is known for its expertise in weaving techniques and the opportunity to experiment. Since Pauline was breaking new ground here, help was certainly needed.
She is indebted to two people for their professional competence and patience: Elisabeth Stötzler and Andreas Selzer, who work at TZH. They both enabled Pauline to fulfill a deeply cherished wish, namely weaving jacquard.