Digital Twin


Jacquard woven tapestry, size 163 x 515 cm. Also woven at Textiles Zentrum Haslach Austria.

'Digital Twin' is about all the information that can be found about someone online. You can see all your stored personal data in databases as your digital twin. Yet Pauline suspects that this will give a different picture than reality. Technical and human errors almost certainly create 'noise'.

The design is a photo collage consisting of eight boxes with Pauline's body parts, painted with passwords. The 18 'holes' in the design symbolize the gaps in the information transfer. It has become a particularly interesting work, partly because the 'translation' of these holes is depicted with nine different weaving patterns.
Gold thread has also been added - conceptually. A precious metal used in mobile devices. Big money is being made there by the Big Tech companies. The symbolism about vulnerability was also evident during the weaving process; the gold thread regularly snapped due to the pattern weft. Chance?

Weaving construction: 1 warp/1 weft pattern plus weft Lancé
Cotton, lyocell and gold thread

This jacquard Digital Twin will be incorporated into an installation that will be shown for the first time in Dat Bolwerck July 6, 2024