Photo series Tunica, My Firewall - location Sint Walburgiskerk

Sub project

With project 'Tunica - My Firewall', Pauline wants to visualize her ambivalent relationship with the online world - showing vulnerability and how she can maintain control.

Pauline chose the archetypal garment tunic, to also make a connection with our distant past, but also with religion (a tunic is worn by Jesus and saints). To refer to a new type of religion currently emerging, Dataïsm. For the photo shoot she chose a unique location, the 13th-century collegiate church De Walburgis. Where old religion meets 'new religion' Dataism, the belief that ultimately everything, including life itself, is nothing more than data.

Pauline's postures and facial expressions cover a wide range: from flight, confrontation, doubt, protection, overruling, acceptance, but also suprise to resignation. The Walburgis Church in Gothic architectural style, urge for verticality towards the sky, the color palette and the light & shadow of the church provide the right atmosphere and strengthen its story.

• The photo shoot was made in collaboration with photographer Ivonne Zijp.
• Pauline developed the 'fabric' in collaboration with TextielLab Tilburg. A place with enormous knowledge and expertise in the textile field.
And thanks to the generous subsidy from the City of Tilburg, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Province of North Brabant.
• More about the Sint Walburgiskerk