Photo series Tunica, My Firewall - location Dat Bolwerck

Sub project

With project 'Tunica - My Firewall' she wants to visualize her ambivalent relationship with the online world - showing vulnerability and how to keep control. She choses the archetypal garment tunica, to make a connection with our distant past

In the photo session in Dat Bolwerck, a late Gothic national monument from 1549, she connects the old world with the new world of technology. A building which the age of technology seems to have had no control over.  A huge contrast with the high-tech world. Where can you hide?

Pauline's postures and facial expressions cover a wide range: from confrontation, doubt, protection, acceptance to resignation.

This photo shoot was made in collaboration with photographer Ivonne Zijp.
With thanks to Dat Bolwerck. More about Dat Bolwerck
Pauline developed the 'fabric' in collaboration with TextielLab Tilburg, the professional workshop of the TextielMuseum. A place with enormous knowledge and expertise in the textile field.
And thanks to the generous subsidy from the City of Tilburg, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Province of North Brabant.