Fellow embroidering artists

Marjolein Burbank
With her textile work Marjolein provides humorous commentary on everyday themes. For this project HAND@WORK, Marjolein took her homework to Bolivia and discussed with the local people on embroidering in the park.

Tessa van Helden
Responds with her embroidery on old, family portraits, says on her participation in this project: "In the beginning I had to get used to the vertical embroidery stitch. And I felt a bit uncomfortable to embroider a pattern that was designed beforehand. Normally I work much more freely and I make choices during the process."

Mique Menheere
In her embroidery she gives her vision on social issues, contemporary art, architecture and archeology. She enjoys the Zen feeling while embroidering. "In this project it appears to be quite a challenge to work according to someone else's method. Initially, procrastination was lurking. After a week of embroidering I enjoyed it more and more. My motivation is the battle and our research questions. I am so curious about the result."
In Miques blog Artyembroidery you can more about her experiences.

Hinke Schreuders
With needle and thread she reacts to existing images discussing themes like female identity, vulnerability and sexuality. Hinke wrote in her logbook about this project: "I am sitting on the floor, in a bright room, the door to the garden opens and I hear the rustle of the wind in the large poplar outside. In the center of the busy city, quiet and peaceful."

Pauline Nijenhuis
Embroidering gives her more room for free thoughts than while working on the computer. In this project, like Tessa, Pauline is very curious to see if there will be differences in all the embroidery works made by hand. 'And if we can recognize our own embroidery handwriting?'

Photos by Marjolein Burbank, Tessa van Helden, Mique Menheere, Hinke Schreuders.