My future, to Pixelate?


A jacquard woven tapestry, size 200 x 150 cm. 

Materialization of the photo session in the medieval cellar of Dat Bolwerck.
In the digital world, short-term electronic or software malfunctions occur, causing an incorrect display on the screen or called 'a glitch'. A technical glitch – glitching – provided the inspiration for this image: digital noise.
If you stand very close to this tapestry, you will see a completely different color image than from a distance. Up close you can see that the fabric is made up of red, blue, yellow, green, magenta and black yarns. It resembles the color structure of pixels in the screen.
In collaboration with and woven by EE Exclusive Label (Heeze).

Technical data: Irregular satin fabric, yarn cotton and wool.