Textile object Tunica, My Firewall


Clothing protects us in the physical world against external influences. But do increasingly long and complex passwords still protect us in the online world? In this project she wants to investigate and depict that ambivalence.

'Tunica, my Firewall' consists of an archetypal garment*, the tunic, made of machine-embroidered passwords on tulle. The space between and within the embroidered letters is open so you can see the wearer's skin through it. In this way she depicts the vulnerability of her humanity in order to still see the person and their body. This tunic symbolizes the 'protective' layer between Pauline and her online life, to maintain control in these increasingly digital times.

Pauline designed the 'fabric' in collaboration with Frank de Wind from TextielLab Tilburg. The fabric contains actual passwords that she requested from her followers via SoMe.
Size 155 x 165 cm, black tulle, rayon yarn in Satin stitch, foamboard and water-soluble fusible interfacing.

Many thanks to TextielLab Tilburg, a place with enormous knowledge and expertise in the textile field.
And thanks to the generous subsidy from the City of Tilburg, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Province of North Brabant.

 *Tunica, My Firewall is inspired by the archetypal tunic. This characteristic garment was already worn around 2686 BC. by Egyptians. You also see Jesus and contemporaries wearing this tunic in religious images.